A Bunch of “LASTS”

Today is my last Monday at work.  Tomorrow will be my last Tuesday.  And so on until the big last day, Friday.  As things are winding down at work, things are winding up at home.  Getting the house ready to sell.

Winding down at work consists of going over last-minute processes that were not yet discussed.  Going over open referrals that were not yet won.   Trying to remember everything that will need to be done by my replacement.

As for winding up at home, at lunch today, I went to Walmart to get the lime green posterboard for the sign I will make announcing the sale of the house.  We have started to work on minor little jobs in the house that needs done before we can show the house.  For example, there is a wall downstairs that needs painting.  There is trim to be replaced in the bathroom downstairs.  The carpets downstairs need to be scrubbed.  Just a bunch of odds and end little jobs that need to be done to improve the looks of the home.



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