What, Where, When, Why and How it Happened

What:  Going Full Time Living in an RV.

Where:  Anywhere my RV will take us in the US and Canada.

When:  As soon as we sell our home/property and buy my RV.

Why:  Because we want to travel and see the USA.  Because we don’t want to live in PA.  Because it is supposed to snow tomorrow.  Because we never see the sunshine.  Because I am vitamin deficient due to this lack of sunshine.

How:  It has not happened yet.

For any newbies reading my blog, I am retiring in a few short days.   We don’t want to live in Pennsylvania.  Winters are cold and long.  Summers are dreary and wet.  Our dream is to FOLLOW THE SUNSHINE.  The only way we can follow the sunshine is to have our home on wheels.  So, we are going to pack up the fur babies and venture off into the sunshine.




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