I DID THIS? Yes, I did.

As my retirement date approaches, things at work are happening.  The write-up below was posted in the bank’s newsletter.  This coming Friday, my department is having a “cupcake” retirement party so co-workers can stop by to say goodbye.  I am humbled by the accolades I am receiving from senior management.  I started my career as a clerk and ended my career at FNB as a vice president and manager of a staff of support, product specialists and sales reps.  I worked very hard and it just goes to show, what you put into your job, you get out of it and trust me, I got a lot out of it.  I want everyone to know I didn’t do it alone.  I have a staff of hard workers and caring people that I feel are family.  Without their help, I could not have managed such a successful department.  I didn’t do it alone.  THANK YOU MY STAFF OF MERCHANT SERVICES AT FNB FOR MAKING ME LOOK GOOD!

10 Business Days until RETIREMENT…..

Below is the writeup in my bank’s newsletter:



2 thoughts on “I DID THIS? Yes, I did.

  1. Paula

    congratulations Linda, Not only do we think you are fantastic, your company and fellow workers do too. You are one blessed lady, Enjoy your retirement


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