Addict or Technology Hoarder

I have so much technology.  I use it all so I do not feel I am a hoarder.  Also, I’m very organized. My home is neat and there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.  So my technology is contained and labeled.

I have 3 computers that I use all three almost daily.  Two are PC and one is IOS.  I have an iPad and an iPhone.  I have the newest iPad with keyboard and Apple pen.  I have two GoPro cameras.  I have the Sony X3000 action camera.  I have 2 camcorders (HD and 4K) and several “snap and shoot” cameras.

The Sony X3000 is a new camera.  This morning I took the camera for a test run.  Good thing I did because I thought I was videoing but I was just capturing still pictures.  Back to the drawing board.  Maybe I will need to get out the manual.  But, that is last resort.

These are the pictures I took this morning.  I’m anxious to see the video when I figure out how to video.

Not to change the subject but I’m changing the subject.  15 work days until I retire.  I will be walking out the doors of the technology center for the very last time.  Weeks ago, I gave up my office for my replacement.  I gave up my office phone.  I recently gave up my work cell phone to a new employee in my department.  I’m feeling a bit freer every day.

My family and hubby would say I’m an addict.


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