Selling All Possessions “STUFF”

When I tell people what we are doing, most people tell me they are jealous.  One of my customers told me that his wife wants to do what we are doing.   He, on the other hand, does not want to do what we are doing.  I tease him that I’m going to give his wife the web address for my blog and he said “don’t you dare” with a chuckle.
To make our dream venture come true, we need to rid ourselves from our “stuff”.  A house/garage that is full of “stuff” that we’ve had for years and years.  Most of this “stuff” hasn’t been used in years or maybe not at all.  It’s just “stuff” and people sell their “stuff” all of the time.  People de-clutter.  Garage sales, (already had one), burn pile/garbage and giving “stuff” away, we need to determine what to keep and take with us and what to get rid of.  Saying goodbye to lawn mowers, lawn rollers, wheel barrels, tools we will never need, clothes, a lot of clothes and shoes.
Our furniture will go into the trailer my sister and I recently bought.  Why sell it for pennies on the dollar if I can put it go good use, to furnish our stationary trailer.

Some things will be coming with us on the road.  Cameras, video equipment computers, maybe fishing poles, tools we need and just the clothes/shoes we need.

SELLING OUR HOME.  This is the biggie.  People sell their homes all of the time.  People move to other states without a blink of an eye.  Snowbirds move south.  We will sell our home.  

38 days until retirement.  The house will go up for sale, garage sales will begin again and downsizing will happen.  It’s going to be a busy spring. 

When the house sells, the diesel, dually 4 wheel drive truck and the Grand Design Momentum 5th wheel will get ordered.  We will be on our way!

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