These Three

These three cuties will be traveling the United States with us.

BooBoo (top left) was the first fur baby to enter our family for his forever home.  BooBoo is the most lovable pup.  Allows me to cuddle with him all of the time.  In bed, he needs to be close.

Bella, (right) is our little darling and was the second one to join our family.  Bella is so tiny and all girlie.  She is definitely not a cuddler.  She cuddles in bed when it is time for bed but that is it.  Other than that, it’s “don’t bother me”.

Benji (bottom left).  What can I say about Benji?  He is the baby and spoiled.  Benji was the third to join our family and now our family is complete.  Benji will start the night in our bed.  After a few hours, he wants to go downstairs and sleep on his chair, all by himself.  But he won’t just get out of bed and go downstairs.  He asks permission first.  He will put his front paws on my hubby.  My hubby will say “you do what you want.  If you want to go downstairs, you can go”.  And off he goes.  If he comes back up in the middle of the night, he goes under the covers and cuddles close to me.

All three are up at the crack of dawn.  Their internal clocks tell them at exactly 6:15 that is time to rise and shine.

We bought our sidecar just for BooBoo, Bella, and Benji.    They will go with us everywhere we go.  As soon as the weather breaks, we will begin to take them for rides daily to get them accustomed to riding in the sidecar.


We have the best groomer.  Our pups love their groomer.  When we hit the road, I am really worried that we will have a hard time finding a good groomer.


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