Don’t the Amish Sleep?

At 4:56 am this morning, on my way to the airport, I passed at least 6 Amish buggies.  My car outside temp gauge was registering 1 degree.

Did you ever make a reservation and didn’t really think it out and when the time came to do what you reserved to do, you thought “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”

This morning was one of those times where driving down the road at 4:56 am on my way to the airport, I thought “WHAT WAS I THINKING?”

My morning started at 3:45 am.  I woke up 5 minutes before the alarm went off.  I told hubby to stay in bed where it was nice and warm.  I got dressed in my professional clothes, loaded up the car and headed to Air Marino where I would leave my vehicle.  On my way to the airport, I (as stated above) passed several Amish buggies.  I was surprised because at that ungodly hour in the morning, not only was I surprised to see Amish buggies, there were actually a lot of cars on the road.  Were these people going to work?  Were they going to the airport like me?  I was thinking about these people on the roads and if they were going to work, how long was their commute.  Did they drive this drive 5 days a week?  And what was their hurry?  On several legs of my travel to the airport, the speed limit was 70.  I was driving 70 and I was being passed by other vehicles that made me feel like I was driving 35 miles an hour.  What was their hurry and do they drive this fast every morning on their commute.

I dropped my vehicle off at Air Marino, rode a shuttle to the airport with a very nice courteous man who remembered me from previous trips in his shuttle.  I boarded the plane and because the temps were so cold, the wings of the plane had to be de-iced.  Still made it to NC in record time.  The flight was a normal flight.  Had a very busy day and put out some fires.   

Putting out fires:  spending time on problems that needed to be dealt with quickly, instead of working in a calm, planned way.

62 more days!


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