So Very Cold, Words cannot describe!

Goodness me, talking about the weather again.  The Pennsylvania winter is now in full force.   Snow, sub 0 temps, ice, slick roads.  The light at the end of the Pennsylvania winter tunnel is my dream coming true.  Hopefully, next year we will be somewhere warm.  It all depends on if the house sells quickly.

I believe today’s high is 24 degrees.  It was snowing earlier.  Burrrrr….

Watching YouTube videos again.  We learn so much from watching videos.  We watch the videos on our big screen TV.  We binge watch these videos and we are running out of videos.  Our favorite RV YouTubers are out having fun.  Although we wish they would put out videos more frequently, we understand they have a life.  Some work full time because they are not rich nor are they of Social Security age.

Looking forward to retirement (64 days) and spring (53 days).

What I need to do when I retire:

  1.  I need to master the flying of my drones as I will need the drone footage for my videos.  I have two drones.  I have an expensive one and a cheap one.  All of the great RV YouTubers have drone footage in their videos.
  2. I need to master my video editing programs.  I now have 2 programs as of now.  I’m looking at a third program.
  3. I will be YouTubing everything from riding in the sidecar to selling the house, to looking at trucks and RVs.  I already have a list of “must-haves” we need to buy.
  4. I want to open the pool early this year.  The open pool should make the house look more attractive.  There are areas in the house that need minor repair.  I will also spring clean.
  5. We need to sell stuff.  We have stuff we will keep and take with us.  We already sold stuff.  This past fall, we had a huge month-long garage sale. We still have more stuff to sell.  Yes, I will be selling my Solstice.  solsticeHopefully, it will all come together.  Hopefully, the house will sell, the Trailer my sister and I own on Paul street will be ready for me to move into.  So much to put into place.

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