It’s Cold

It’s really cold.  And the electric meter is spinning.  I don’t know how cold it got last night but this morning it was 1 degree.  It’s brutal out.  And I have to go out in this cold today.  Work is closed today because today is Martin Luther King day and that is a holiday for my workplace.

Where would I be today if I were living my dream right now?   Florida?  Texas?  Arizona? California? Louisiana?

So here I sit in my sticks and bricks home under a heavy blanket with pups sitting on my lap wishing for warmer weather but freezing my butt off.

69 days until retirement.  70 days until we put the house on the market.  When the house sells, we buy our Deisel Dually 3500 truck and Grand Design Momentum 398M Toy Hauler.  Hopefully, next year this time Hubby, BooBoo, Bella, Benji, and I will be in one of those warmer states mentioned above.

My niece took these pictures yesterday.


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