Hubby wants more

Hubby wants more research.  I asked how we would do this.  Hubby does not know.  We’ve gone to RV show after RV show.  We were first interested in a Class A Motorhome, but in the past few years, we change our minds and feel a 5th Wheel would better suit our needs.

We research on the Internet.  We watch hours and hours of YouTube videos.  A year or so ago, we even went to a dealership that had what we were looking for on the lot.  We only spent an hour inside and outside.  The sales rep accompanied us and he was not very knowledgable.  He acted like we were bothering him because we were not ready to buy yet.

I thought we picked out the perfect (for us) Toy Hauler.  We need the 18 ft toybox because we need to take our GoldWing with SideCar.  And maybe even the cargo trailer.


We also want to take our Arctic Cat 1000 Quad.


So!  Now my hubby wants more research!

We were watching a YouTube video and it was suggested we should spend a whole day inside of the rig we want to purchase.  We should see the rig with slides open and closed.  When closed, we would hope to be able to access the bed, bathroom, and refrigerator.  We should try out the couches to see if we can easily watch TV.  How do we do this when the closest dealer that has one on the lot is over 250 miles from our home.  How do we do that period?

If we didn’t have three puppies, sure we could drive anywhere to further our research on the perfect rig.  But we need the 18 ft Toybox, therefore, we only have a few options.  There is one other option but it is out of our price range.



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