Winter Has Arrived

The first thing I want to mention is when you live in Pennsylvania in the winter all conversations revolve around the weather.  So here we go!

Mother nature hit us hard this past week.  This past Monday I drove to work in an ice storm.  Tuesday saw tornados in our area.  The employees in my building had to evacuate offices/workstations and either get under their desks or go to a safe place in the building.  Wednesday, we had a snow storm.  It’s been cold and snowing ever since.+

I see red skies this morning and I believe the old saying, red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.  I have not seen the weather report but I will believe we will be seeing snow or nasty weather today.

I can’t even tell you when we last saw the sunshine in our area.  The days leading up to 2019 were mild.  Now, I’m not saying we saw sunshine but the weather for winter was mild.

So until I have to go outside, I am staying in and keeping warm.  I don’t like being cold anymore and “baby, it’s cold outside”



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