Do you have a dream?

Are you content to live day after day doing what you are doing now?  If you are working, you go to work every day waiting for a vacation day or PTO. If you are retired, do you just sit around watching TV?  Sure in the summer you can work in the yard.  But come on, how long does summer last?

A few years ago, I gave my hubby two options for when we retire.  We have a mortgage so we can sit on our back porch and enjoy the pool and creek. Where we live, it rains so much we would have to sit on the covered deck and watch the rain.


We could rock in our rocking chairs and grow old.

In the winter, we can build a snowman.


Or we can sell everything, buy an RV and travel.  Follow the sunshine and 80-degree weather.


As I write this, my retirement is in:

screen shot 2019-01-05 at 4.41.31 pm



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