2018 – As I Reflect on This Past Year

2018 was full of life-changing decisions. We decided we would sell our home and possessions in 2019, buy an RV and travel.

I decided it was time for me to retire from my dream career job at the bank.  Eighty-nine days until Retirement.

As I reflect on 2018 I remember all of the good things I am grateful for.

1. I’m grateful that I have a supportive loving husband and three adorable puppies that are so happy to see me when I come home from work. My BooBoo actually cries when he sees me walk in the door.

2. I’m grateful for my sister and three nieces.  I’m grateful they have a good loving husband/father to cater to their every need.  I’m grateful my nieces all have loving husbands/boyfriends.


3. I’m grateful that I have the job I have. It is not just a job, it is a career. My manager is a good man and a great mentor.  I’m grateful I have an excellent staff to make my work easier and fun.  We laugh at work.


4. I’m grateful that I have a nice home to live in.  A home that should be easy to sell.

5. I’m grateful that I will be able to retire in 2019.  As mentioned above, 89 more days.  With my age and work years, I am eligible.

6.  I’m grateful that I have good friends, Don & Paula, Joyce, JoAnn, Denise, Angela, Tiffany, Carole.

7.  I’m grateful for beautiful sunsets with the hope I will be able to see more in the future when we travel out west.


I did a lot in 2018.

1. I traveled for work.  I like traveling for work but it’s not something I will miss when I retire.

2.  In March, Sister, Nieces (& Steve) went to Cleveland for Dr. Esselstyn clinic to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease.  We took advantage of my free night rewards and stayed in the Hilton Inn downtown Cleveland.  We were upgraded to a suite that was larger than my home with a breathtaking view from windows that spanned the length of the suite.  It had a dressing room.  We are completely spoiled.


3. I traveled for pleasure. My sister, Gerri, my niece Lindsay and I traveled for Florida for my Aunt Bonnie’s 90th birthday. Stayed in Clearwater Beach at Shepherds.  Again in November, another trip for a long weekend traveled again to Clearwater Beach and stayed at Shepherds.  Lindsay and I used my points for travel and we were able to fly first class.  We are so spoiled now.

IMG_0021      IMG_3445

4. I had a garage sale and sold a lot of “stuff”.  We had a very successful garage sale month.  We put a sign on RT19 and the people came.


5. I bought a puppy stroller and the hubby, pups and I took walks in the park.

6. Hubby and I refinished the deck. Not fun, but was needed.

pool area2

7. We got our sidecar for our Honda Goldwing.  This was a huge purchase.


8.  We sold our two Harley Davidsons.

9.  We hired Adam to paint and remodel the inside of our home.

10.  My sister and I bought a trailer on a piece of land right across the street from her home.  A little security for both of us and it was affordable.

11.  Holidays with the family.  My loves, my life.

There is so much more I am grateful for and so much more I did this past year that if I mentioned everything in this post, it would be pages long.

So here is to 2019 and all of the excitement I hope to be able to blog about.

Today is Gerri’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Gerri!

Want to mention we lost a family member.  RIP Jean.  Will Miss You!




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