BooBoo, Bella & Benji

I think these three are going to have so much fun when we take off to travel the United States.  The love to go for a walk here at our Sticks & Bricks home.  But we don't walk in the winter.  When we travel full time, we plan on always being where the weather is …

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Memberships to RV Discount Clubs

My research! Below are different RV discount clubs I might be interested in.  A few below I will not be interested in. I will keep researching and adding my findings in future blogs. America The Beautiful/Senior Pass Cost: As of 8/2017 cost is $80 (formerly $10). Still an awesome deal IMO. Worth it? YES, YES and YES! …

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Not outside but inside.  I'm talking about my Ice Machine.  Our house refrigerator's automatic Ice Machine is a little out of commission.  It could be an easy fix but "we" just were not in the mood.  The plastic/rubber (whatever) waterline got a pinhole leak.  Don't know how long it was leaking but there was water …

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