AMAZING! TV on the road! BAM!

Thank You Jerry from YouTube Channel “I LOVE RV LIFE”!    Watch his YouTube channel to see exactly how he hooks up the Satellite.  Great Video.  

If you read my previous posts you know I am all about research and watching YouTube videos.  I watched a YouTube video by “I LOVE RV LIFE” and I want to thank Jerry because he cut my budget for TV on the road by over half.

I will have to buy some items up front but after that purchase, my TV will be very cost effective.

What I need to buy upfront:


This is the Winegard Pathway X2 Portable Satellite TV Antenna.  You can get cheaper ones but this one has everything I need.  It will connect to 2 TVs.  It has to be connected straight to the receiver.  This receiver will cost me around $450.  I’m told once in a while Camper World will have a special of $100 off.  I will watch for that.


I will buy 2 receivers.  Although I will have 4 TVs in the 5th Wheel, the other two TVs will have a firestick.  Each Receiver will cost me around $80.


Over-The-Air Digital Tuner for Wally Satellite Receiver

$75.99REGprice   $66.15SALEprice at Camper World
Seamlessly integrate over-the-air local channels in the DISH¨ guide through your Wally receiver from your over-the-air antenna.  Enjoy HD local channels anywhere you travel. Quick, simple connection. Compatible with Wally – 3 receivers.


Record up to 100 hours of HD programming.  This will cost me around $110.


This is very optional, but I think maybe I would like to get a set for me and a set for hubby.  They cost $100 each.  These would be good if I want to watch something in the bedroom and hubby might be watching something else in the living area.  Hubby won’t want these.  lol


What I will pay Monthly:

Pay-as-you-go TV Packages
Month to month TV packages let you turn service on and off, easy as a TV.

BAM!  $34.99/mo

My Firestick will get me all of the channels that are not available on the $34.99 Pack.

Locals Pack at an additional cost of around $10 to $12 monthly.  You just enter your zip code and get local TV.  I think I will always want to watch local TV from home.

Channels in the Local Pack are:
ABC Affiliates
CBS Affiliates
CW Affiliates
Estrella Affiliates
FOX Affiliates
ION Affiliates
MeTV Affiliates
NBC Affiliates
PBS Affiliates
Telemundo Affiliates



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