95 Days “AND” Can’t believe Christmas is over!

linda roy 2

Time is flying by.  95 days until retirement.  Just sayin!

Today is the day after Christmas (2018) and I have a PTO day.  Hubby and I had a nice Christmas holiday.  Spent time with family, friends and at home with our pups.

Bella is the oldest and the only girl.  Some days she takes a beating from her brothers because they like to pick on her.  She is mild mannered.  She is loving but only on her terms.  She doesn’t like to be carried.  You can pick her up but she lets you know right away to put her down.  Bella was born on 8/17/2016

a bella c

BooBoo is the oldest boy. BooBoo came to live with us before the other two so BooBoo was an only child for about 3 months.  BooBoo wishes he was still an only child because he can’t get enough of our loving.  BooBoo’s favorite place to sit or sleep is right above me.  BooBoo loves to cuddle and I can give him plenty of hugs and kisses and he just eats it all up.  BooBoo was born on 11/2/2016.

a us b

Benji is the baby.  As with all babies in all families, the baby will always be the baby and spoiled.  Benji gets a little upset when I am working on my computer.  We are all on a schedule.  Bedtime is a strict 8 pm.  We all go up to bed.  Hubby and I will watch TV and the kids go to sleep.  But every night around 10:30, Benji will go over to Hubby and put his paws on Hubby.  Benji is asking permission to go downstairs to sleep. At 6:15 am, Benji runs upstairs and jumps on the bed letting me know it is time to wake up.  Benji was born on 4/25/2017.


Where is their favorite place ever?  No words need to describe this.  The picture below says it all.

a daddy f



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