Quiet Weekend before Christmas

Lack of sunshine and lots of rain will make for a very quiet weekend.  We will have our annual Christmas dinner with our friends, Don and Paula.  Guess we will watch some football and YouTube for the rest of the weekend.  Traveling Robert has a new video out so we will be sure to watch Robert over the weekend.

I’m also going to work on a YouTube video about our SideCar.  These are my practice videos.  The video I will be working on over the weekend will have video, music, and voice over.

Speaking of “voice over”, I made a purchase that will help me with my videography.  Right now I am practicing.  Practice makes perfect.  By the time I am ready to spin off my YouTube channel, I should know what I am doing.


This is the Yeti Blue microphone.  And although I have it set up I will not try it out until tomorrow.  Maybe I will do a video review on the Yeti.


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