Not outside but inside.  I’m talking about my Ice Machine.  Our house refrigerator’s automatic Ice Machine is a little out of commission.  It could be an easy fix but “we” just were not in the mood.  The plastic/rubber (whatever) waterline got a pinhole leak.  Don’t know how long it was leaking but there was water everywhere.  We were relieved to see it was just the ice-maker’s waterline.  

We thought about fixing it, but I had a brilliant idea.  I would buy a portable ice machine.  We could use it now but more important, we can use it when we hit the road.  I’m making ice right now.

The reason I got the ice machine is I want one for when we go full time (traveling in our RV).  I like my ice.  Sure, the 5th wheel we plan on buying should have an ice machine, but I want a portable one.  I’m not buying ice. We have a Yeti cooler and if we take day trips, I’m not buying bagged ice.

I read reviews on several ice machines and the one I really like is the one pictured below by Improvements.  It had great reviews.  We’ve been using it for months now in the house and I like it.  I can make small or large cubes.  This unit isn’t a cooler so you have to dump the ice cubes into a freezer or cooler.  





120 DAYS UNTIL MARCH 31, 2019.


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