Practice Makes Perfect

We watch a lot of YouTube videos.  When we go full time, I will have a blog (this one) and a YouTube channel also called GlampinginmyRV, Riding in my sidecar.  I want my YouTube videos to be interesting.  My favorite YouTuber that I follow is Traveling Robert, followed by Changing Lanes RV, followed by KYD aka Keep Your Daydream.  

I want my videos to have a fun introduction to the video with cool music.  I will be working on the video introduction while I am stuck inside during these cold winter days.  I want my videos to be informative.  I don’t want really long videos where people get bored.  If I get bored in the first few minutes, I quit watching.  I also don’t want to just see pictures with music, so I want live interaction and when there isn’t live interaction I want to use voice over.  I need to learn how to use “time lapses” to capture the awesome sun rises and sun sets we hope to see when we travel.

My video editing program is called Pinnacle Studio Ultimate 22.  I’ve used this program for many years for fun but never for serious stuff.  Pinnacle has constant upgrades and with each upgrade come more features I have to learn. The only problem with this program is it is only available on windows.  Oh well, gives me an excuse to have a PC in my world of MAC’s, iPads and iPhones.   Oh yes, I have 2 drones.

I have cameras. Lots of cameras, camcorders, go pros and more.  I should be able to capture all of the video I need to make wonderful, interesting YouTube videos.  We hope to be on the road by fall of 2019 so I have plenty of time to master my videography skills.  

Unfortunately, I will be boring you with test videos.  The test video I am highlighting today is a short video of one of our first snow falls and a segment of my morning drive to work.  The ice/snow is in the trees and it is a pretty morning.

Today’s video highlights speeding up some of the film clips, a title clip, some voice over  and music.  

Click here to watch this test video


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