Early Planning – My estimated budget

This is very early planning and very much estimated.  I feel it is very much necessary to think about what we will need to live the lifestyle we are used to living.  I want my full time living to be a daily adventure.

Below is a detailed explanation of what I feel it will cost us to travel and have fun full time.

  1.  Campground Park Fees.  I’m estimating $900 a month.  My research tells me if we reserve and pay the monthly rate, we can stay for less.  If we are traveling and need to stop for a night, we will for sure look up “Harvest Host” locations.  For one night stops, I don’t think I will use Walmart all that much unless we need to.  I will look for casinos, Cracker Barrels, Cabelas Sporting Goods and Bass Pro Shops and Boondocking.  We are not gamblers so I think we will be fine at casino parking lots. Maybe we will take $20 and try our luck at lady luck.
  2. Truck and 5th Wheel Insurance.  Hope this is high.
  3. Wing and ArticCat Quad.  This is about right.
  4. Truck/5th Wheel Maintenance.  Our truck and rig will be new so hopefully if things go wrong, warranty will cover maintenance for the first several years.  But we will put $150 a month in savings to accumulate.
  5. Propane.  I figure $100 a month.  We plan on getting a solar generator.  We are not putting solar panels on the roof of our 5th Wheel.  But I found a generator that will power our lights and smaller electric items.  The generator we like is on my RV items page.
  6. Diesel fuel for Truck.  $400 might be a little low.  We don’t plan on riding around pulling our 5th Wheel.  We will drive from park to park and then park it.  Depending on our destinations and how far we need to drive to arrive at our destinations will determine how much diesel fuel will cost us.  The price per gallon will also dictate how much we will spend.  We will use our GoldWing to sightsee.  Therefore, I estimate $100 a month for our toys.  This might be low also.
  7. Groceries.  This includes food, stuff like toilet paper and Kleenex.  It also includes our pups food.
  8. Dining out.  We don’t dine out much now living in a sticks and bricks home so I don’t imagine we will eat out a lot on the road either.   I feel we can get by on $200 a month.
  9. Personal Care items.  This is shampoo, deodorant, tooth paste and other such necessities.
  10. Medicine.  This will be for our co-pays, counter medicine, bandages and drug store items.
  11. Cell, Internet and TV.  $450 should cover it.  I want my internet.
  12. Entertainment.  This will cover admissions to museums and other fun places.  We are old enough to have free park passes for access to our National Parks.

Below is my spreadsheet.  I will keep this spreadsheet monthly and show the variance.  This is preliminary and very much just an estimate.  I know people can full time for a lot less.  I’ve read on Facebook where people live off of minimal budgets and are just fine.  I want to enjoy my full-time life.  Note:  We are both on Social Security and have other sources of income so “why not”!!!

Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 6.07.57 PM


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