Three Little Pups

BooBoo  was our first fur baby.   BooBoo was born on  11/2/2016 and came to live with us on January 7, 2017.  The first 6 or more months with BooBoo were very trying for the hubby.  BooBoo was a terror and love to bite.  Not so much bite me, but would bite the hubby constantly.  On the other hand, BooBoo gave us such joy, we wanted another, so along came Bella.

Bella is the oldest.  Bella was born on 8/17/2016 and came to live with us when she was 6 months old.  The minute I saw Bella, I was in puppy love.  There was a huge problem when we brought Bella home to live in her forever home with us.  BooBoo being the terror he was, we had to separate them.  We feared that BooBoo would hurt her.  For months, we separated them and they lived in separate areas of the house.  We would put them on the bed with us and monitor them to make sure they played nice.  I think I worried more than I should have.  One week, when I was working out of town, the hubby decided enough was enough and put them together.  BooBoo was still a terror, but Bella held her own.  From that day forward, we lived harmoniously together in the same room in the same house.  (note:  they had their own areas at night and slept in their areas in their crates (door open).

Since this was going so well, we wanted one more.  Benji was born on 4/25/2017 and was living on an Amish farm in horrible conditions.  Benji was underweight, he was full of fleas.  Hundreds of fleas and he lived on sawdust in an outside pen without a roof.  When we saw Benji living in those conditions, we had to rescue him.  We brought Benji home, gave him a flea bath.  We could not get all of the fleas so we called our groomer.  Chelsey at Dawgie Stylz By Chelsey said to bring him over.  It was a Saturday evening and she was entertaining family and watching some sport on TV with them.  We dropped Benji off and she worked on him for 2 hours to completely rid him of fleas.  The very next day, we took Benji to the vet.  Although underweight, he checked out fine.  What a relief.  He blended in with BooBoo and Bella as if he were with them from the beginning.  What amazed me the most, he was potty trained and never had an accident in the house.

Our family is complete!




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