RV Things

I’m a planner.  I’ve been planning going full time for ten years.  I know which 5th wheel I want.  We know which truck we want to pull the 5th wheel.  I read other full timer’s blogs and watch their videos.  I pay attention to what people advise me that I might need.  These are “things” I call necessities.

From all of my research, reading and paying attention I created a “page” for these necessities.  Not necessarily to put it all in one place to help you figure out what you need, but to make sure I don’t forget that I need these necessities.

Other full timers might not need these items.  I want them.  So my page in this blog is called “RV items I really like and Need.  I call them Necessities…”

Everyone, go check out my page.  Click Here

As my research goes forward I will keep adding to this page.


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