Hubby calls me the Road Warrior.  There isn’t a lot of traffic where I live. If I have to wait through a red light twice I wonder what happened up ahead.  When I have to travel, either in m own vehicle or in a rented vehicle I witness bumper to bumper traffic, tail lights across 5 lanes, aggressive drivers and stop and go traffic for miles and miles.  God forbid there is construction on the road.  I might as well take a nap.  I try to work around rush hours in cities such as Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Raleigh, Charlotte, Annapolis, Baltimore, and other big cities.   GPS is my best friend, Waze is my second best friend.

On March 31, I will be done driving through big cities.  When we go full time, hubby will drive.  I will help navigate and I will even make sure I can drive our rig.  But I’m done driving myself.  Done, done, done.

I follow a couple on YouTube.  I was watching one of their videos the other evening.  Marc and Tricia (KYD) pulled into a campsite and while Marc was setting up, Tricia went to Whole Foods to stock up.  Nope,,, Nope nope nope.  not me.  When we go full time, I’ll be done taking off by myself to find anything.  If the hubby and I don’t do it together, I’m not doing it at all.

And that is that!


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