My Home Base

Congratulations Sister and Me!  We are now proud owners of a Trailer!  No, not the kind you travel in.

Something just sorta fell into my hands.  A mobile home on a quarter acre of land right across the street from my sister’s house.  My sister and I bought it.  We both own it.  And we got it for a nice price.  It will be my home address for when we go full time and my mail will go there.  My direct tv will be set up there.

We didn’t buy this as part of my plan.  As I said, it fell into my hands so I am taking advantage of it.  I will make it part of my plan.

There are renters there now, but they will vacate at the end of May.  Then my sister and I will fix it up and maybe advertise it as an Air BnB.  What is even better, when I sell my home, instead of selling my furniture for pennies, I will furnish this mobile home with my furniture.

My husband wants the full body paint on our 5th wheel, so most likely we will have to order our rig.  I had concerns about selling the house and not having our rig yet.  Where would we live with three pups?  Well, now I will have a place.

Everyone always asks about mail.  My address will be the mobile home/property.  My mail will go there. I bought a nice scanner.  When mail comes, my sister will scan the mail and email it to me. Most of every piece of mail I would normally receive, I already changed it to electronic digital email.  So really, the only mail that comes to my house is junk.  But in the event something important does come by mail, my sister can scan, attach, email.

We do plan on coming back to my home base twice a year for anywhere from 3 weeks to a month.  We will see our doctors, see family and do anything that needs to be done.  I’ll have a cement pad to park on.

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