We are in the beginning stages. Not there yet!

For any of you that are just joining my blog, we are in the beginning stages.  We are setting the stage.  We are planning, researching and documenting our progress using this blog.

We need to sell the house/property, our vehicles, and some of our toys that we can’t take with us.

I’ve turned in my retirement.  March 31, 2019.  We’ve started downsizing.  Had a successful garage sale where we got rid of a bunch of stuff.  We will have a final garage sale in the spring.

We are researching, reading blogs, following websites, watching Youtube videos and talking to people.

If you go back to the beginning of my blog you will read our story.  If you just start to read now, you will wonder why I call my site “Glamping in my RV” when we don’t have our 5th Wheel yet.  The domain was available so I grabbed it.

We will be buying a GMC Dually Diesel 3500 truck and a Grand Design Momentum 398M Toy Hauler.  We will be taking our GoldWing with SideCar with us.

We do have a GoldWing with the SideCar sitting in the garage all ready to go.

If this interest you, go back to the beginning of my blog and get caught up.

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