First Garage Sale Over

We got rid of a ton of stuff and guess what.  We still have a ton of stuff to get rid of.  Because we started early with selling stuff, we are not putting our house up for sale until the spring, we have more time to sell stuff before we have to start to giving it away.

We have several storage sheds so we are putting what is left over in storage tubs and storing this stuff in the sheds.  We will have more garage sales in the spring.

Our road is a country road but we live ½ mile off a very busy 2 lane road.  I went to Walmart and bought lime green sign board.  I bought these really large size magic markers and I made signs that could be seen a city block away.  We were amazed at how many people saw the signs and came to our garage sale.

Our main objective was not to make a ton of money, but to get rid of STUFF.  Fortunately, we did both.




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