My Family/My Dream

I’m Linda Rae and I will be writing the blog.  My husband (and best friend) is Roy.  Throughout the blog, he will be referred to as “Hubby”.  But this blog isn’t just about Hubby and me and our travels.  This blog is mostly going to be all about adventures with BooBoo, Bella, and Benji.  Until we start our adventure, my blog will be mostly about getting ready to live our dream.  We will chronicle downsizing, plans, selling the house, anticipations, and fears.

A little about my family:

BooBoo:  My first addition to my home was BooBoo.  Born on Nov 2nd, 2016, BooBoo is the most lovable.  He cuddles and is very much my lap puppy.


Bella: BooBoo gave us so much love and joy, we decided to forever home another puppy.  Her name is Bella.  Bella was born on August 17th, 2016.  She is the oldest and the calmest.  She can stir up a puppy play party but most of the time, she lays around.  She will lay close but not too close.  She loves her tummy rubbed.  Look at that picture.  She is all about attitude.


Benji:  We weren’t done yet.  We thought three is company and we brought Benji home.  Benji is the baby and spoiled.  Benji was born on April 25, 2017.  He is very smart.  I think smarter than his brother and sister.  He is spunky.  Don’t touch him or try to move him when he is sleeping.  He will growl.  Little boy, big growl.  Roy will say, move Benji.  I say “you move him”…


Roy is an old boy farmer.  Although I think he is smart, he plays dumb.  He is the muscle and I am the brain.  The reason I say he is smart is he plays dumb so I have to do all of the brainiac things in our life.  I’ve seen him in action though.  If he wants to buy something, he becomes an expert on the IPAD.  I do all of the important duties of the house.  I pay all bills, I order our needs online,   Roy does dishes.  I help him navigate his smartphone.  Yes, he had to have a smartphone.  Doesn’t know what to do with it.  Hands it to me when there is a message on it.

When we go full time and travel, my responsibilities will be navigating the route, picking places to stop, researching really nice campgrounds, scheduling our day, researching National Parks we want to see, etc.

Roy and I have always had what we call “our jobs”.  It will be no different when we go full time.  I will be responsible for the inside of the 5th Wheel and Truck.  Roy will be responsible for the outside.  We will both have set up and break-down duties.

linda roy



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