My Dream

If I could snap my fingers and it all be done, I could sleep nights.  So much needs to be done.  You are probably wondering what in the heck I am talking about.

My Dream.  I think, yes the key word is “think”.  I think we can do this.  I think it will all work out.   I think I have my husband onboard.  The pups will automatically be onboard.

I want to sell everything, buy my dream 5th wheel RV, buy Roy’s dream truck and take off for the wild blue yonder.  Just Roy, BooBoo, Bella, Benji and ME!  So, I need to sell the house.  I need to get rid of years and years of accumulation.  What to get rid of what to take, what we still need to buy.  I watch a lot of youtube videos.  One person mentioned dividing everything into three piles.
1.  Stuff you should just throw away
2.  Stuff you should try to sell
3.  Stuff you need to take with you


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